Fun and games at the Olympic Park

On Sunday, we visited the Olympic Park in London, specifically to swim at the Aquatics Centre. In 2012, we missed out on tickets to the Games and so there was no chance for us to see any records being broken here or in any of the other venues. Having said that, George was born that year, and it’s unlikely that all three of us would have made it there anyway. Instead, Andy and I watched all the events unfold on our television screen, with our three-month old, champion bouncer beside us.

But three years on, we decided it was time to go and set a few records of our own. We started in the pool, which is open to swimmers of all abilities and cheaper to swim in than our local pools here in Chesham. It is, without doubt, the best swimming pool I have ever been in and I felt inspired treading the waters where Olympians had once ruled the waves.

George 'Rutherford' makes his mark at the Olympic Park.
George ‘Rutherford’ makes his mark at the Olympic Park.
George wasted no time in bouncing from one side of the shallow end to the other, in record toddler speed*, and seemed as at ease in the water as Michael Phelps. Whilst Andy helped George practice his toddler turns, I set off on my 100-metre breaststroke sprint, finishing in what was probably the slowest ever recorded time in an Olympic pool. Result!

Once we’d celebrated our triumphs in the water, we dried off and headed out for a wander around the Olympic Village. There are play parks galore for little ones and lots of reminders of the Olympic Giants who graced these parts not so long ago, including Greg Rutherford and his incredible 8.31m jump. You can have a go at this jump yourself, to see just how rubbish you are in comparison; George gave it his best shot but his little legs couldn’t quite carry him the distance.

Like us, you may have missed out on the Games in 2012 but there’s still so much to explore and take part in today. It’s a great day out for families and budding athletes alike and the Harris family will be back again to see if we can set a few more records along the way. We are growing our very own Olympian, after all.

*Time officially approved by the ITAC (International Toddler Athletics Committee)