The Finding of Martha Lost

Above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. Roald Dahl

This evening something quite magical is going to happen. A very special friend of ours is launching her new novel, The Finding of Martha Lost. And the most magical part of all? The story has a character called George Harris in it.

George and MarthaAndy and I were so honoured when Caroline asked us if she could name a character after George. Caroline Smailes is one of the most talented writers around. The countless reviews of The Drowning of Arthur Braxton, which is currently being made into a film, confirm just how brilliant she is. But most of all, Caroline is a dear friend and has been a part of our lives ever since our meeting at a reading of In Search of Adam almost ten years ago.

And what a wonderful friend she is to wave her magic wand and create a character for her new novel who is kind and strong and loyal, just the man we are raising George to be.

The Finding of Martha Lost follows the story of a sixteen year old who was abandoned in a suitcase on a train from Paris. Since then, Martha has waited in lost property at Lime Street Station, hopeful that someone will come for her. But who is Martha and who is George Harris?

This story is precious, not least because it has George Harris in it, but because it’s about finding your happy ever after whoever you are and whatever you have faced. Caroline’s fairy tale explores what it’s like to be lost and found. It reminds us that everyone is worthy of love and that sometimes you need to be a bit brave and look further afield to find it.

How special it is to have a character created in your name. And when George is old enough to truly understand what this means, I know he will treasure this tale forever. Thanks to our beautiful friend, Caroline, George Harris will live on in the hearts and minds of his family and friends but also in the world of literature.

The Finding of Matha Lost is published today under Caroline Wallace. Here’s Penguin’s synopsis of the story. Go read it and be inspired to seek out your own happy ever after.

Martha is lost.

She’s been lost since she was a baby, abandoned in a suitcase on the train from Paris. Ever since, she’s waited in station lost property for someone to claim her. It’s been sixteen years, but she’s still hopeful.

In the meantime, there are mysteries to solve: secret tunnels under the station, a suitcase that may have belonged to the Beatles, the roman soldier who appears at the same time every day with his packed lunch. Not to mention the stuffed monkey that someone keeps misplacing.

But there is one mystery Martha cannot solve. And now the authorities have found out about the girl in lost property. Time is running out – if Martha can’t discover who she really is, she will lose everything…


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Joanne Harris

Hi, I'm Joanne (Jo) Harris, also known as Little Mamma Jo. As well as going on plenty of adventures with my son, George, I am the digital communications manager at UCL.

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