And then you were two

Happy Birthday, George. You are two today and, as is tradition, Mamma and Da Dad have taken a look back at your year to remember what you got up to. Or, as you would now ask, “what’s been going on?”

Well, settle down and we will begin.

You walked not long after your first Birthday and you’ve been travelling ever since, forwards, and sdrawkcab,




and side                                                                                                               to side.

And, in between reading up about dogs that don’t do ballet (or do they?), how to hide lions, and tigers who come to tea, you’ve been burning the night light at both ends. There was a Toddle Waddle, which tested you to the limit. The training was tough but you triumphed and raised £140 to help other babies living with the effects of Meningitis.

There’s been parties, parks, painting and plenty of paddling in pools. You and your penguin have even partaken in a spot of international travel to Portugal. You made a best friend at nursery, Niall, who is also celebrating his second Birthday today, and you met the Queen (well, that’s what you’re telling everyone). More importantly, you helped Ireland win the Six Nations. Ok, so that last part may not be strictly true but your Mamma will always attribute their success to you, her luckiest charm of all. And, filling Mamma and Da Dad’s hearts with even more pride, you’ve been immortalised in a book. George Harris will live on in literature.

To celebrate all of this, we are taking you to the Aquarium to introduce you to some colourful sea creatures that you will no doubt instruct us to draw for you when we return home tired but ridiculously happy at having spent another amazing year with you.

Happy second Birthday, little bear. Your Mamma and Da-Dad love you more and more with each day.

Clap along and celebrate George’s second year with him in this slideshow set to ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams.


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Joanne Harris

Hi, I'm Joanne (Jo) Harris, also known as Little Mamma Jo. As well as going on plenty of adventures with my son, George, I am the digital communications manager at UCL.

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