You’ve got a friend in me

George loves nursery. He knows what days are nursery days and, whilst he’s waiting for me or his Da Dad to get our acts together, he’s usually waiting by the door with his rucksack, eager to get over there and get stuck in to his day.

George with his other wingman, Duck, the Penguin.
George with his other wingman, Duck, the Penguin.

But now he loves nursery even more because he’s found a best friend. His own friend and not one we’ve made for him through our many meetings with other mums and dads at baby groups. He loves spending time with those friends too, especially little Florence, who was born just a day after George. But his best friend is a friend he made all on his own, and this little boy, Niall, was born on the same day as George and in the same year. Destiny, right?

George’s eyes light up whenever we mention Niall’s name and he’s the first person George looks for when we drop him off at nursery. And it seems George is a good judge of character. Niall has Irish roots, so I approve of course. But what makes me and George most happy of all is that Niall loves George too.

A friendship has begun and who knows where it will lead. But for now at least it seems they are a perfect partnership and long may that continue.

The qualities George looks for in a friend

George is a popular chap but chooses his friends carefully. If you stand a chance of joining his gang, you must share all of these qualities:

  • You love books. And I mean LOVE. This baby can get through fifty a day
  • You share your food. George enjoys a good meal but he will happily break his bread with his family and friends
  • You’re a mover and a shaker. In between reading and building towers, George can be found boogying on down to music. He also sings along to the Pointless theme tune. And, on that point, you must watch Pointless
  • You’re a free spirit. You love being outdoors and exploring new spaces

All requests for George’s time should be directed to his personal secretary, his Mamma.


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Joanne Harris

Hi, I'm Joanne (Jo) Harris, also known as Little Mamma Jo. As well as going on plenty of adventures with my son, George, I am the digital communications manager at UCL.

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