Penguin Sun Tan

Once there was a boy and one day he found a penguin in his cot.

He didn’t know where the penguin had come from but he guessed his Mamma or Da Dad had put it there.

The penguin began to follow the boy everywhere but the penguin looked sad and the boy thought maybe it was because he kept dropping him.

So the boy tried really hard to hold on to the penguin and asked his Mamma and Da Dad to keep an eye out in case the penguin fell out of the pushchair.

George takes his penguin for a swim.
George takes his penguin for a swim.

But the penguin still looked sad. So the boy took him on holiday. They packed everything they would need (two cars, four books and a ball) and together they boarded a plane to Portugal. They spent many days on the sand with the boy telling the penguin that one day he would take him into the sea. The penguin listened to every word the boy said and hoped he wouldn’t be taking him into the sea because it looked cold. They built sandcastles together and ate fish fingers until it was time to go home.

They had a great time and the penguin wasn’t sad anymore because he had a cracking sun tan.

And so the boy and his friend went home together on the plane, talking of wonderful things all the way.

Inspired by ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers


Published by

Joanne Harris

Hi, I'm Joanne (Jo) Harris, also known as Little Mamma Jo. As well as going on plenty of adventures with my son, George, I am the digital communications manager at UCL.

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